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CoD4 Elite Challenges

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Call of Duty 4 Elite challenges.

Challenge: The Brink
Needed: Red Screen, 3 Kill streak
Recommended: Get a 3 Kill streak while near dead, if you have Martyrdom and die and get 3 kills works too.

Challenge: Collateral Damage
Needed: Sniper, 2 Enemies
Recommended: Stopping Power, Barrett 50 Caliber, Deeper Bullet Penetration.

Challenge: The Edge
Needed: Last kill in the Match
Recommended: Search and Destroy

Challenge: Flawless
Needed: No Deaths
Recommended: Just hide in a corner (Pipeline) down some where with a Sniper, Bomb Squad, Silencer, UAV Jammer and Dead Silence

Challenge: Tango Down
Recommended: Shipment

Challenge: Hard Landing
Recommended: Look for someone to jump out of a window and shoot him.

Challenge: Extreme Cruelty
Recommended: Team Tactical, Airstrike + Shipment

Challenge: Fast Swap
Recommended: Kill someone with last stand and swap to your pistol or get killed with last stand and kill the enemy.

Challenge: Star Player
Needed: 5:1 Ratio
Recommended: Snipe someone (as in 1 person) and hide in a corner (Pipeline) with a Silencer, Bomb Squad, UAV Jammer and Dead Silence. (1:0 counts as Infinite/ Zero)

Challenge: How the ?
Recommended: This challenge is really hard and you'll need to be very lucky if you see an enemy plant a Claymore and you can shoot it through a wall.

Challenge: Dominos
Needed: C4/Clamore
Recommended: Place to C4/Claymores that one can detonate another and you can snipe one, then when an enemy nears the most far away, snipe the first one.

Challenge: No Secrets
Needed: 3 Kill Streak x3
Recommended: Shipment.

Challenge: Afterburner
Needed: 5 Kill Streak x2
Recommended: Shipment.

Challenge: Air Superiority
Needed: 7 Kill Streak x2
Recommended: At Shipment, die when you have one chopper and then hide so it can kill a few people.

Challenge: Fearless
Needed: 10 Kill streak
Recommended: Kill 5 people and get a few kills with your Airstrike, then let your Helicopter do the rest.

Challenge: Counter MVP
Recommended: Cage Match, Team Tactical or Shipment.

Challenge: Invincible
Recommended: Play a Cage Match with your friend and let him shoot you 5 times when your Health is full.

Challenge: Survivalist
Recommended: Sniper (for the suit), Pistol + Silencer (if you have to shoot), Bomb Squad, UAV Jammer and Dead Silence.

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