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CoD4 Ambush Guide

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Here is the Call of Duty 4 Ambush guide.

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CoD4 Ambush Map in Detail

Ambush Other Map

CoD4 Map Ambush
Ambush Headquarters
CoD4 Map Ambush Headquarters
Ambush Search and Destroy
CoD4 Map Ambush Search and Destroy
Description: Ambush that is set around a convoy of vehicles that have either broken down or been disabled.
Map Size: Medium / Large
Type: Desert

Normal Map
Here are the locations of objectives on the different game types on Ambush. Scroll down for special map camping areas, grenade throwing spots, popular areas on the map, and more.
Ambush Sabotage
Ambush Domination
CoD4 grenade toss ambush

Start of a Round, Grenades:

Here are some key places on the map where you should toss grenades, especially at the very beginning of a round.

Middle Grenade Toss - As you can see in this screenshot, this is right before the middle of the map.

At the beggining of games like Team Deathmatch, where teams start at the end of each map, it is vital for you to get to this exact area of the map, and toss a grenade in the direction shown.

Note, at the same point that you are throwing your grenade the other team is also trying to do the same, and their grenades will land where you are standing.

So after you throw your grenade in the area shown, hit your run button and run to the right or left in the middle, and find some cover. Maybe toss a stun grenade over the cover, if you want to keep moving.

During the Round, Camping Spots:

Here are some key places on the map where you should toss grenades, especially at the very beginning of a round.

Nobody likes campers, but sometimes, you have to camp. Either to defend an objective, or in general to get some kills so that you can get yourself a airstrike or a helicopter.

Nice camping spot - This is in the corner of the map. Definatly my favorite camping spot on this map. The reason is you can move around hugging the back area and watching for enemies coming from two areas.

If you need cover, you don't even have to find a solid object, you can go prone and back up a little, and the enemy will not see you. The reason is because the area is not flat, and has little tiny areas to hide in while prone.

One from where the fence has an opening and the other on the right open area. Also for anyone using deep impact, watch for the red dots on the radar and when you see some behind that fence on the left, spam the wall to kill the enemy before they even get to where you are.

CoD4 Ambush Middle

Ambush Main Area:

The very middle is a very busy area on ambush, and if you can control it, you will dominate in a lot of the game types.

The key is to always watch for people camping inside the two small tunnels in the middle because they can come out at any time and kill you.

The Ledges - There are two ledges one on each side where people can go up and kill others in the middle section. The areas are actually pretty small, so it's easy to kill anyone that goes up there, if you pay attention.

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Ambush How to get to Higher Area