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CoD4 Maps: Backlot

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Call of Duty 4 Backlot maps videos, and strategies. Scroll down for a few videos and more.

Backlot is a medium sized city map with lots of interiors to take cover in.

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Backlot in Detail

CoD4 Backlot Map

Backlot Recommended Classes by Akira


The Mp5 is Ideal because it is powerful and fast while being lightweight with a good clip size. If you are doing hardcore then I'd lean towards the red dot for better accuracy. UAV jammer because you're in a mild hotspot and you dont want to be found. Eavesdrop so you can be notified of nearby enemies which is useful because your sight lines arent prime. And the p9 adds an extra clip.


You'll have more movement options for the second spawn along with more engageable enemy spots. Uav jammer for the same reasons as the previous class. Deep impact because the two engageable spots that are on opposite sides have thin but effective cover that you'll want to shoot through.

Backlot General Tips

By the tower that you can climb the ladder up to, proning in the grass is a good place take out enemies. Placing a claymore at an angle by the car is also very effective. I would recommend checking the balconies on the opposite sides once a minute unless you have a confirmation that someones there.

Such as someone getting on the MG. Do not chase people around the wall corner because you are to exposed there. If you see enemy dots coming from behind you, you can look though the hole in the wall that you entered from by proning and moving around. Its limited but very useful.

Try to refrain from climbing up the ladder to the tower because its a very obvious spot. The biggest threat you will face here is the tower in the middle. Always keep an eye out in the second and third story for enemies. And lastly never leave that general area. Do not pass beyond the Metal or stone walls.