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CoD4 Maps: Bog

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Call of Duty 4 Bog maps. Scroll down for some tips and more. Submit map tips in our Guides Forum to see them here.

Bog is a smaller map that's great for both middle and short range fire. Snipers work well here also.

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Bog in Detail

CoD4 Bog Map

Bog tips

Bloc Map Tips By Vancha

Map Bloc Strategies

Pink lines = routes I take from the west (opfor's side), the map doesn't show the northern-most crate, which is the reason it arches up then down again a third of the way along...

White lines = routes I take from the west (marine's side), again the map doesn't mark the big mound in the middle, but it's great cover.

Orange dots = west side sniping positions, the northern two are for killing the northern east-side snipers, middle two get a good view of the south-eastern map and the southern one can get a nice view of mid to north east side.

Red dots = east side sniping positions, the northern most sniping spot gets a nice view of the entire north side of the map, as well as being able to sneak a look into the bus without exposing themself too much.

The next spot down is good for shooting the south-western sniping spot....and finally the three south-eastern sniping spots are good for the entire north + mid-western side of the map. The one furthest east of the three is by sitting directly on the fence and looking over the top of it.

Bog Movement Tip
Move quickly through the middle while watching your radar. If you toss a few grenades over the objects, then hide behind each object as you advance forward, you should be able to get some kills.

What I like to do on one of the sides at the beginning is run as fast as I can to the broken down bus and take cover there. Then shooting anyone that moves past the bus on either side. The enemy does not kill me for a while because they are too busy shooting at the teammates out in the open behind me.

By the way the best way to not get shot inside the bus is so go prone in it, wait for some red blips on your radar, then crouch quickly aim in the direction of the blips and shoot off a few bursts, then quickly go back to prone. If you are in the bus doorway you can go prone easily without anything blocking you.

Also in my opinion I think the best guns for the bog would be SMGs since it is a medium sized map with a lot of medium range encounters. I personally use the P90 (yeah yeah I know... but still the P90 is great on the bog.

Bog Sniping Guide by asian413

When I'm waiting to enter the match, I usually want to be the Marines, not the OpFor. The Marines have a great position. They easily get kills. When you start out as the Marines, you expect them to snipe by the food stand near the place they start out. You take them out. Then, you expect them to come out the door on the left. You take them out. Then you expect them to come through the middle of the map or the right side. You take them out by sniping or going up to them and taking them out.

Starting Out as the Marines

What I do in regular team deathmatch is I try to go to the small hill and get my M40A3 with stopping power. Trust me, nobody expects you to be there unless they have extrememly good experience of the map and know they always die from snipers on the hill. How to avoid getting countersniped is to switch sniping spots.

The two main sniping spots I use is the hill and the car beside it. I get one or two kills with the hill by sniping the area around the buildings, then crouch by the car and take out another two by sniping the area around the bus and in the bus. I stay BEHIND the hill. Never on top.

It's stupid and people will easily see you even when your in prone. I get about two or three choppers in the whole game. Be careful about the door on the left. People could come out and take you down easily. Since I always have claymores, I might as well use them. I set one by the doorway and that covers my back.

Starting Out as OpFor

I snipe as the OpFor on Bog. That's the only thing I will ever do. Like I told you, this map is pretty small and the Marines expect you wherever you go. So I get my M40A3 with stopping power and get in the bus.

This is actually a good place to snipe. You have full surveillance of the map and it's hard for them to find you unless they are looking for you.

I just like the hill because you have more movement. While in the bus, it's difficult for me to go prone.

I have to try about three spots before I actually lay down, and that's when it's too late. Sometimes I try the sides of the bus, but I usually get taken out. Whenever I'm the OpFor on Bog, I always feel screwed.

Well, I hope you liked my little guide!