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CoD4 Maps: Crossfire

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Call of Duty 4 Crossfire map. Submit map tips in our Guides Forum to see them here!

Crossfire is an awesome map for intense interior fights, and there are also great sniping spots on both ends of the map.

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Crossfire in Detail

CoD4 Crossfire Map

Crossfire Match Start Guide by captainawesome

Uphill Spawn

If you start out on the uphill spawn, go through the corner shop and around the back of the bakery. Obviously, this is a well traveled route, so be careful.

Once you get past there, go into the restaurant and out the garage-like door. Next, you continue on to the building directly across from the door. Watch for claymores, snipers love this building. Go upstairs and check for snipers. If none, drop out the open wall and sprint down the street to the back(bombed) entrance of the coffee shop.

Go out the window towards the bus. Instead of climbing jump and crouch in midair. Go up the stairs to your right that lead into the hotel. Continue on to the storage house and then the diner, all while staying mostly inside. Remember, this is only at the beginning of the match. Once you get overwhelmed with troops stop and take cover. Hold you position.

If you make it all the way to the Diner without coming in contact with 1-2 troops at a time, repeat the process if necessary.

Downhill Spawn

If you start out at the Downhill spawn. Go through the back(bombed) entrance of the coffee shop. Jump and crouch over the windowsill facing the bus and head up the stairs to your right that lead into the Hotel. Continue on to the storage house, all while staying inside(except for when you cut through the alleys). Climb up the ladder of the Diner.

Watch for claymores, if you can't get by safely, go up the stairs. Watch out, there is probably a claymore. If you go up the ladder check all the upstairs rooms for snipers. Go down stairs and across the road to the corner shop. Go through and around the back of the bakery.

Then, go into the restaurant and then clear the downhill spawn and shops. Again, this is only if you made it all the way without coming in contact with 1-2 troops at a time and not dying.

Excellent Start on Crossfire Guide by asian513

Hey everybody. My little guide here will show you how to have a great start on the map Crossfire. This is a great strategy. I use this all the time when I start Crossfire. When I use this, I get a chopper in the first minute or so.

First of all, this strategy will only work if you start out as the OpFor. Later, you will know why. Here are two classes that work for me:

Class 1:

Class 2:

Instead of havng a silenced SMG, you could have an AR silenced. I just use SMGs in this strategy because you'll be in close range combat constantly.Notice how my classes have silencers and UAV Jammer.

They're meant to be ghosts (obviously) except the shotgun class. It's an acception. Also, I recommend flashbangs. The extra grenades and special grenades are used for taking out the rooms you are about to rush.

UAV Jammer will protect you from being seen on the radar.

Trust me, not everyone is going to the two story sniping building. There will be one guy who will get UAV eventually and you don't want to be seen, because that'll screw up the whole strategy.

I don't recommend the M1014 shotgun. USUALLY it takes about 2 shots to take a guy down (If you are playing regular team deathmatch). That's too risky because you'll be seen on the radar longer.

Strategy: First, when you start, run to the blown out doorway to the right and keep running to the opposite side to the two story building where the other guys snipe, staying inside and never going through the middle.

That two story building is your target. Assuming you have extreme conditioning, you'll be able to get there in no time. If you don't, that's alright. Once you get closer to the building, check if there are any guys coming your way. Once you get to the building, go up the ladder, but only look high enough to see any claymores, because there will be guys. You can throw a grenade up there and take out the claymore (if there is any), and then wait a second and throw a flashbang and blind the guy(s) that are expecting you.

Then sprint inside the building and get to the stairs and go up. Take the guys out with your gun and check the other two rooms. If there is no claymore when you go up the ladder, go to the stairs and go up cautiously. Take out the guys in there. Now after you did all that, plant a claymore by the ladder. Try placing them on the side where they can't see it. If you didn't bring any claymores, just stay alert for the ladders.

Then just wait by the stairs. This is where the short ranged weapons come in. You'll be waiting in that room. You will not go down the stairs because somebody will be able to spot you easily from across the room. Remember, you're in enemy territory.

So just wait by the stairs. Be ready to pull the trigger when somebody comes in. Don't even look down the stairs, because if you could see them, they could see you. Never assume that they aren't looking at you, unless it's obvious and their back is to you. Just wait there. Concentrate on the stairs. Trust me, guys will be running into that room, defenseless except for a sniper rifle.

Occasionally there will be a guy with an AR. The shotgun or smg will own them. You'll get so many kills in the beginning that you'll feel sorry for them.

If you do this correctly, you'll get a chopper in no time. I remember looking at the score one time and noticed that I had 12 kills and no deaths, and the next person with the most kills had only 3 kills and 1 death. Once you die, just play the rest of the match how you would normally play it.

Pablo's Quick Strategy Layout for Crossfire

For Crossfire by far the best advantage would have to be being on the Op For, When you first spawn at the beginning of a match run to your right into the little run down cafe hop over the broken window and make your way up the stairs, here is where you could run into some marines, be prepared and you may want to do this numerous times before you're good at killing surprise enemies.

From there, if there was an enemy or not you should be traveling through the two connecting buildings that the stairs lead to, it's important that you do not leave the building as soon as you get to the bus because that is where enemies will be.

Once you make it to the end of the joined buildings there will be a ladder, here there may be a claymore set at the top so be wary that you may suffer death when you climb up. If there isn't a claymore, good for you!

From there, there will probably be a couple snipers inside that building, so do what you must to eliminate them. If the match the is going as planned they still will be spawning on your position. So take out the snipers, and haul some major ass to get out of that building before they come back.

Best best it jumping out the window, yes you may be exposed for a quick second but directly in front of the sniping building is the building with the little hole at the bottom of the wall there is most likely going to be some enemies in there so again, be careful.

Take them out, then move down through the whole towards B, now B as we all know is the main flag in Dominations, run towards B then go up the metal stairway where there may be snipers as well, take them out yadayada, and then watch the corner where the metal staircase is because enemies will come pouring out of that direction.

Lastly to conclude, after you camp at B for a bit move down past B down the little staircase near the dumpsers and go behind the about eh 2 ft maybe 3 ft wall.

You will be able to defend B your left is not a gameplay area and your right can be covered as well. There's not much more unless you're a sniper.