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CoD4 Maps: Shipment

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Call of Duty 4 Shipment map. Submit map tips in our Guides Forum to see them here.

A tiny map with intense non stop firefights. Almost unplayable with many people. Airstrike recommended.

Click here for a high resolution 3D overhead map of Shipment
CoD4 Shipment Map

Shipment Tips

Some tips by RPDPowr
Some tips for the smallest map...shipment.

Of course this is a very hectic map, but I have learned a few things about it.

The best advice is once you spawn, to run as fast as you can to a corner, and go prone.

Also picking a light machine gun like the RPD or the M60 on this map is great, because you really need the ammo.

3 Frag is also a nice perk for this map, but then agian most of the time you don't have enough time to chuck 3 grenades before you get killed.