CoD4 Modding Tools

The CoD4 Modding tools for making maps and modding Call of Duty 4 have been released! Here are download links and information:

CoD4 Mod Tools require your video drivers and DirectX to be up to date. It will not work on Windows Vista, though some people have reported some success running them in Windows XP Compatibility Mode. The current COD4 Mod Tools are only currently supported for the English version of the game, but other languages will be supported soon. The tools require a DirectX 9 Shader Model 3.0 compliant card and the .NET Framework Version 2.0 or higher, available from Windows Update or Click Here

Mod Tools ReadMe

Download the CoD4 Modding Tools. 500mb +

Mod Tools Mirrors

*IWnation - Download

For specific information about the tools and how to use them, please visit:

(Note: There is a patch to fix an error in the Call of Duty 4 mod tools, after downloading the main file ^, download this patch click here)
Note: After downloading the update, you should delete the shader_bin copies made as a work around (if any). Since there are lots of files in shader_bin, it will slow down file operations if you have copies of them.

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