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CoD4 Stealth Guide Section 2: Perks

Party 2 of the Call of Duty 4 Stealth guide written by Demon APX.

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Section 2: Perks

CoD4 Perk Dead Silence Dead silence is great for cage match. One on one, people love to hide behind corners and just wait for the sound of your footsteps. Let's say it's a big Team Deathmatch game, people aren't listening for your footsteps because there's too much other action going on. Then just a normal silencer on your weapon will be fine, the rest isn't needed.

I usually play Search and Destroy, Sabotage, Headquarters, Team Deathmatch, and Domination. I don't feel that dead silence is necessary for stealth in big games, but in something like cage match, or 3v3/4v4 games, or perhaps even if you expect to be crawling in the grass beside people's feet for whatever reason, then yes, this is a great perk.

CoD4 Perk Uav Jammer UAV Jammer I have to say I'm not a fan of. When the enemy gets a 3 kill streak then you're found I guess, but that doesn't happen every second of every game (well most games it doesn't) and some players don't even use red dots on their radar. It also takes away perk 2 which is very valuable. But if you like UAV Jammer then go ahead. Have fun.

You have to keep in mind this is my personal opinion, many absolutely love this perk. If you want to take your time sneaking behind enemy lines with NO CHANCE of being detected, this perk is golden. It will certainly help you hit them right where it hurts when sneaking around them.

Perk Stopping Power Perk Steady Aim As you can see from above, I use stopping power and steady aim. These both are mainly for fighting, because while they are stealth classes, come on. You can't pretend someone isn't going to see you, even if you crawl prone the entire time. So I think stopping power is amazing because of the higher damage, it drops enemies fast at close range and gives your bullets more strength at long range with the M4, which you're going to be needing if you use M4 because it doesn't have great damage.

Plus for both guns hip fire accuracy is great, many underestimate firing from the hip. That's just a combat tip in general, try it sometime. Looking down the sights is wonderful for long distance shooting, but hip firing is great for close range. I know it sounds weird, but try it out. It makes it easier to move around and therefore put bullets where you want. Yes I put Steady Aim on the M4 too, while it's more medium range sadly you will encounter people at close and you're going to have to hip fire for them.

CoD4 Perk Bandolier CoD4 Perk Claymore As for perk 1, there are several options. If you find yourself more offensive with something like an MP5 you should probably use bandolier as your perk because you can run out of ammo fast. You can also use claymores to cover your path if someone is trying to follow you, or even some people use bomb squad to see explosive devices before they contact them so they can avoid them.

I like to use bandolier for both classes so ammo I don't have to worry about them. As for eavesdrop, no. Just no. Pointless. Just because it's one of the last perks you unlock doesn't mean it's one of the best, it's actually in my opinion the worst. People aren't usually talking about their game plans over the voice chat, unless they're saying, "Look out!" or "The guy is planting the bomb!" or "There's a guy by that building!" All of those statements are things you can deduce for yourself because you can see where your teammates are.

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