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CoD4 Stealth Guide Section 3: Stealth Tactic

Part 3 of the Call of Duty 4 Stealth guide written by Demon APX.

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Section 3: Stealth Tactic

How do you go about with the stealth tactic? Be smart. Don't go plunging up the middle, take side paths. Say there's a road you must cross to get to the enemy territory because you want to hit them from behind. Check it real quick, then sprint across and hit a spot of cover on the other side, maybe hit the floor on a patch of grass or crouch behind a box.

Stealth will require some patience, too, if you don't think it's safe to go then don't. Crawl if you feel needed. Adjust to the situation at hand, because like I said earlier, stealth is all about being smart. Some people just use stealth for anti-sniper.

First off locate the sniper, and if you don't feel you can get him by cooking a grenade and throwing it up there, then get to the target building and be cautious when entering.

Many, many snipers use claymores to protect themselves, thus some anti-snipers use the Bomb Squad perk. Also, I have a quick word about the killcam. Most likely the sniper has killed you if you are going to get him.

If you have possibly made yourself known be wary, and as you will have an assault rifle or SMG you should take care of them and their pistol if you see them soon enough.

If they are on the second floor, toss a flash or a stun up there and sprint up the steps, wary of claymores at the top. If the grenade is good they won't be able to see/hear/move depending on the grenade you use. So smokes won't work for this.

Anyhow knock them out while they're stunned. If you fail to kill them, go back and own them because you disarmed the claymores and you know where they are. I've kind of gone off on a sniper tangent... but those tactics work for breaching any building, large or small. Be smart and be aware.

If you are not breaching a building, take un-used paths and be sneaky. Even crawling to the top of buildings and falling down and taking a bit of fall damage to get past using the main road is a good idea, so look for ladders. Just make sure the fall isn't too high.

Thanks for reading.

- Guide by Demon APX