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CoD4 Vehicle and Destructible Stats

Stats about the vehicles and destructibles in Call of Duty 4. Thanks to Denkirson for this information.

Note: For range, you can see a rough estimate on the stats overview page.


Becomes weak after losing 500 health.
30% Bullet Dmg

After being weakened, takes full bullet dmg
Lasts for 1 minute

Attacks more aggressively after weakening
After being weakened, takes full bullet dmg
Will target players with LMG or RPG-7 first over other players (And of course people with the highest scores and anyone shooting at it.) Helicopters enter the map from one of several directions and travel between pre-determined points (with a bit of randomness) around the map until it loops back to the beginning. The loop lasts at least one minute, give or take a while depending on the map. After losing about half of its health, the helicopter engages "Evasive Maneuvers" state and is "weakened" against bullets, which now do full damage. It will randomize its the path for a moment, then travel from point to point more quickly and spend less time hovering in place.

Catches fire after taking 550 damage.
Once on fire will explode ~10 seconds after. Can be attacked to cut time. Blast Radius: 0-375

Damage: 250-1
Explosives do 2.75x more damage to cars so it can be destroyed with one explosive Cars have a total of 1300 health, cut into multiple states. The first totaling 550 health, the next of 750 health. Once the car takes 550 damage, it catches fire and loses 60 of its 750 points of damage per second, and will explode once its health runs out. The splash damage of explosives are scaled up against cars so a single blast can detonate or set it on fire immediately.
Oil Drum

Catches on fire from any damage.
While on fire will explode after 10~ seconds, can be attacked to cut time Blast Radius: 0-250

Damage: 250-1
Stopping power gives no damage boost against any of these objects or vehicles Watch for enemies close to oil drums, if you see them camping next to one, shoot the oil drum for a funny kill.