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CoD4 Weapon Attachments

In depth Call of Duty 4 weapon attachments page.

These items can be attached to the specified weapon classes with the exceptions of the Desert Eagle and MP44. All equipment except for the grenade launcher and pistol silencer must be unlocked for each individual weapon by completing the Marksman (kill quota) challenges for that weapon. The kills needed to unlock the equipment are listed next to the equipment names.

CoD4 Weapon Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher: (assault rifles) (replaces Tier One perk): The n00b tube! Equip this attachment to bring up the grenade reticule, and fire. The impact grenade won't arm until a second or two after leaving the barrel, so aim for at least medium-distance targets. The exception is impact kills. If you can hit someone up close with an undetonated grenade, they die instantly! The kill icon is rather amusing.

CoD4 Weapon Silence

Silencer: (assault rifles 75, SMGs 75, pistols): A silenced weapon suffers a 2+ penalty to range and an unspecified minor penalty to damage, but when fired it won't appear on enemy radar. I believe the silencer reduces recoil somewhat as well. Use if you don't want to be detected as easily.

CoD4 Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight: (assault rifles 25, SMGs 25, LMGs 25, shotguns 25): Replaces your weapon's iron sights with a battery-powered laser red dot sight. If you have trouble lining up shots easily with the iron sights, switch to the red dot. The laser dot will obscure your target at long range, but it's bright and easy to aim quickly. I always use this if I don't need any other attachment for my primary weapon.

CoD4 Grip

CoD4 Acog Scope

ACOG Scope: (assault rifles 150, SMGs 150, LMGs 150, sniper rifles 100) Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight. A telescopic sight intermediate between the iron sight/red dot zoom and the sniper scope zoom, with a reticule illuminated by radioactive tritium. Decreases accuracy by 1 and increases range by 2+. Use with fairly accurate weapons that you prefer to use at long range if you can't line up or reach enemies with the iron/red dot sights.