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CoD4 Equipment

In depth Call of Duty 4 Equipment stats.

Welcome to the Call of Duty 4 equipment section. Here you will find information regarding the explosives and other equipment in CoD4 such as grenades, and some stats/information about them.
Also a CoD4 explosives chart can be found by clicking here.

Note: All grenades do a small amount of damage to enemies if they hit before exploding, just as if you had thrown a rock at your opponent. You can use this to kill wounded opponents and fulfill some of the Humiliation challenges unlocked at ranks 47 and 48! It's also really funny, so try it if the opportunity arises.

Frag Grenades: When you press the grenade key, you'll lob a grenade with a 5-second fuse on it. Unless you want to flush enemies out of hiding or get the nade lobbed back at you, this isn't a good idea. Instead, hold the key down. Your crosshairs will start pulsing, and the grenade will explode at the fifth pulse. For best results, lob the grenade at your opponent at the third or fourth pulse (fourth if they're close) and they won't have time to react. You can throw any frag grenade you're standing on by hitting the grenade key. This takes a second or two, so unless you have no other choice, run instead of going for the throw. Also, you can kill yourself by throwing a friend's grenade even if friendly fire is off. CoD4 Weapon Frag
Frag Grenade
Damage: 300-75 / 15 Direct Impact
Range: 0-256
Fuse/Detonator: 5 seconds / 2.5 Martdrom
Other: "Cooking", synchronized, beats to seconds

Flashbang Grenades: Has no timer. Sets off a loud bang and a bright flash about two seconds after it is thrown, blinding anyone facing it (including you but not your teammates if FF is off) for several seconds. Blinded players can still move and fire freely, so be careful of wild fire when you flash and enter an area. CoD4 Weapon Flash
Flashbang Grenade
Damage: 0 / 15 Direct Impact
Range: 200-800
Fuse/Detonator: 1 second
Other: Detonates at exactly one second

Stun Grenades: Has no timer; goes off two seconds after thrown. Momentarily blinds those in its radius and slows their motion and turning for several seconds. You don't have to be facing it for it to stun you. Ideally you should use this on enemies with their backs to you so you can take a leisurely headshot or backstab. CoD4 Weapon Stun Grenade
Stun Grenade
Damage: 40-1 / 15 Direct Impact
Range: 0-512
Fuse/Detonator: 1 second
Other: Only detonates after touching ground

Smoke Grenades: The smoke grenades in CoD4 are very effective when compared to other fps games. After tossing one, you will notice the area really becomes impossible to see, and therefore proving great cover for getting across an area with snipers, or campers. It is also great for taking over an objective. Toss one down and move around a bit in the smoke, the enemy won't be able to spot you. CoD4 Weapon Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Damage: 0 / 15 Direct Impact
Range: 200-800

Knife: : Hit melee to whip out the knife regardless of how impossible it is to carry your potentially heavy gun in one hand and slash quickly and effectively with the other. The combat knife one-shot kills any target, unless you're on a feedback FF server where the damage you inflict on friendlies goes to you instead. In that case, you take damage to within one point of death. I'm not sure on how the game decides to have you stab or slash someone... perhaps you slash if you're strafing. Slashing is rather quick, whereas stabbing has a recovery time of a couple seconds, which can be perilous if you miss your target but the stab animation happens anyway.

CoD4 Weapon Knife
Damage: 135
Range: 0-20
Other: Great for quiet kills
Melee Attack - 64 Melee Charge - 128 (Thanks to Luft for the fix)

Camouflage: Paint your gun! In some cases having the proper camo on your gun will actually disguise you better, but don't sweat this too much because you can't change camo in the middle of a round. Mainly you use camo to make your gun look cool and for prestige. All primary weapons that you have unlocked automatically come with desert and woodlands camo. The following camos are unlocked for all weapons by completing their respective Expert Challenges (headshot quotas):

Digital Camouflage: (25 headshots): gray, blocky micropattern camo good in concrete-filled maps like Countdown, Pipeline and Vacant, as well as Wet Work.

Blue Tiger Camouflage: (75 headshots): blue and dark gray tigerstriped camo, most likely to blend in in Wet Work and the concrete maps.

Red Tiger Camouflage: (150 headshots): red and dark gray tigerstriped camo.

Gold: Available for the AK-47, Mini-Uzi, M60E4, M1014, and Dragunov when you complete all Marksman and Expert challenges for every gun in their respective classes. Shiny and easily noticeable by everyone, but you should be proud to show it off!
CoD4 Weapon Camouflage