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CoD4 Weapons: M40A3 Expert Guide

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In depth guide about the CoD4 M40A3. Guide submitted by: OSR with edits from X. If you would like to help edit, add your own guide or correct any wrong information on this guide click here. Thanks. This guide will also be updated over time.

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CoD4 Weapon M40A3

M40A3 Quick Stats

For in-depth M40A3 stats click here
Accuracy: 9+ / 12
Damage: 9+ / 12
Range: 12 / 12
Fire Rate: 2+ / 12
Mobility: 8 / 12
Clip Size/Reserve Ammo: 5/15
Recoil: moderate/high random
Reload Time: 1.1 First Round / 0.4 Next Round
Damage: 70
Range: 4000-5000
Rate of Fire: 70 RPM Bolt
Penetration: Large / Large Bullet
Location Damage Multiplier: Head (1.5) / Neck: (1.5) / Torso: (1.1) / Stomach: (1.1) / Limbs (1.0)
Hip Accuracy: Stand (10-15) / Crouch (9.5-14) / Prone (9-13)

M40A3 Attachments

No Attachments (Regular zoom)
If you are a sniper who likes to sit back, hiding in the grasses or sniping from above, then do not put the ACOG scope on the M40A3. Stick with the regular scope. It has numerous advantages-including increased accuracy, increased range, and better feel. The only thing is you must hold your breath with the regular scope, and you do not have unlimited breath!

If you like to get in the middle of the action with your sniper and run around the map, then the ACOG scope is the right choice for you. Now, you can quickly look through your scope without holding your breath. You also will get an increase in from-the-hip accuracy, so you can practice your no-scoping abilities! Remember, your range is reduced now and so is normal accuracy, so if you get frustrated that you cannot hit anyone, go back to the regular scope.

M40A3 with the ACOG attachment

M4A3 Classes

Note: The pistol choice is up to you, but for all classes these except the silent ones, I recommend the Desert Eagle for increased power, range, and fire rate.

Class Name: The Sharpshooter:
Primary Weapon: M40A3
Perk 1: Claymore x2
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Iron Lungs

Class Name: The Sharpshooter v2
Primary Weapon: M40A3
Perk 1: Bandolier
Perk 2: Stopping power
Perk 3: [Your Choice]

Class Name: The Run and Gun Sniper
Primary Weapon: M40A3
Attachment: ACOG
Perk 1: Frag x3
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Steady Aim

Class Name: The Run and Gun Sniper v2
Primary Weapon: M40A3
Perk 1: Special Grenade x3
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning

Class Name: Covert Sniper
Primary Weapon: M40A3
Perk 1: Claymore x2
Perk 2: UAV Jammer
Perk 3: Iron Lungs

Class Name: Deadly Duo
Primary Weapon: M40A3
Secondary Weapon: Skorpion w/ ACOG
Perk 1: C4 x2
Perk 2: Overkill
Perk 3: Iron Lungs/Extreme Conditioning

M40A3 Challenges

Challenge - Rank unlocked - Description - Reward
Marksman - 5 - Get 100 kills with this weapon - 500XP/ACOG Scope
Expert 1 - 5 - Get 25 headshots with this weapon - 100XP/Digital
Expert 2 - 5 - Get 75 headshots with this weapon - 500XP/Blue Tiger
Expert 3 - 5 - Get 150 headshots with this weapon - 1000XP/Red Tiger Camo

CoD4 Weapon M40A3

About the M40A3

'Oh! I can't wait until I unlock the Barrett .50 Cal! All the other snipers suck.' That is a quote from a person I played with on Team Deathmatch a couple of months ago. At that time, I believed him. The Barrett .50 Cal has power and a high fire rate. I used the Barrett for a while, and then I decided to try the M40A3 just for the heck of it. I was astonished, and now its all I use. Don't be fooled by this sniper rifle's apparent mediocre damage-it has extreme accuracy, almost no recoil, and has a good feel. Besides, stopping power makes most M40A3 shots a one-shot kill. That is why the underrated M40A3 is the sniper rifle for me.

Modified from the Remington 700 hunting rifle and used by the U.S. Marine Corps. Bolt-action. The Marines took the R700 and gave it lower recoil, a larger clip, and improved accuracy at the cost of bullet damage. That's the tradeoff you have to consider when choosing between this gun and the R700. Because it's bolt-action, choosing this gun restricts you to long-range sniping unless you enjoy using a pistol or using a second main weapon with Overkill. Be patient, line up your shot and hold your breath before firing, and remember to change positions after each couple of shots if possible to avoid being located. Notes:

- The M40A3 is unlocked at Rank 3 Private along with Sniper preset class)

- *Because the bolt action rifles accept individual rounds, you can press fire while reloading to halt the reloading process and chamber whichever round you loaded last, in case you need to attack while reloading.

- Attaching the ACOG Scope on the M40A3 increases its base damage from 70 to 75 (Check the in depth stats, this is true.) Combine Stopping Power with this, and you have a OHOK Sniper Rifle on all non-juggernauts, even on limb shots. - Submited by wielderOfNarya

The Bad: The downside to using the M40A3 is its low rate of fire and average power. Even though the M40A3 cannot shoot as fast as the Barrett, it is unnecessary since you rarely will miss a shot, and therefore the RPM is adequate. The power is lower than the Barrett and R700 as well, but don't be fooled! With stopping power, you'll get one-shot kills. Without stopping power, I recommend you aim for the head or chest for a one-shot kill.

M40A3 Perks

The M40A3 is great with a variety of perks, so try which ones help you out the most. Here are my favorite:

Bandolier Perk Image
Bandolier - With 20 rounds of ammo, you can run out pretty easy if you don't aim too well or kill a lot of people.
Bandolier usually helps me out. Also, bandolier increases the amount of ammo your pistol carries, so if you use your sidearm to battle enemies a lot, use bandolier!

Claymore Perk Image
Claymores x2 - Protect your back! These are the perfect choice if you like sniping from a building and want to stop enemies from entering. Just put some claymores at the entrance and problem solved.

Stopping Power Perk Image
Stopping Power - Basically a must-have. Stopping power will boost your power and get you almost all one-shot kills. Unless you have stellar aim, use this.

Iron Lungs Perk Image
Iron Lungs - This is another must-have perk for any sniper rifle. Lets you hold a zoomed sniper steady for 8 breaths instead of 4, the most useful third perk for a sniper by far.

Overkill Perk Image
Overkill - I do not recommend this to the beginner. Now, in order to get one-shot kills, you must aim at the head/chest. The plus side is you get another gun, which is great because you can pick something like an Mp5 and always have a great backup weapon to pull out instead of your sniper if you encounter an enemy at medium or close range.

UAV Jammer Perk Image
UAV Jammer - Don't you hate it when you are sniping, and someone knifes you from behind because they see you on UAV? Well no more! They can still see you on the radar when you shoot, so remember to change positions frequently to trick them out. (Same problems as Overkill, though. You lose the ability to one-shot kill people without stopping power).

Steady Aim Perk Image
Steady Aim - This will get you some quick no-scopes. I recommend this if you are using an ACOG scope. If you aren't, then do not use steady aim.

Extreme Conditioning Perk Image
Extreme Conditioning: - For when you need to run to those good snipe spots or dodge enemies.

M40A3 Maps

Just as with any gun, the M40A3 can be played on any map-including Vacant. You just have to know how to use it and what perks to use. But here are some no-brainer M40A3 hot-spots.

Shipment - Out of all the maps this map would probably be the best to use the M40A3 on. In this map there are lots of places that will require that you put rounds down range fast and accurate. This gun along with the perks above will help ensure that you get what you want out of that gun.

Ambush: One of the best M40A3 snipe spots. I can get 20-30 kills with the M40 here on average. There are lots of secret hiding spots to snipe from too.

Backlot: The M40A3 beasts here. Try sniping in the buildings, but beware of the rooftop sniping location.

Bloc: The sniper's dream map. Be careful though-if you can see them, they can see you.

Bog: Stay back with the M40A3 or go up to the risky hill. Either way, you can rack up some kills.

Countdown: A great map for the M40A3-remember, elevation can help.

Creek: Another sniper's dream map. Find a good camouflage spot in the grass or trees and snipe away.

District: Stick to the long alleys-the marketplace won't treat you nice.

Downpour: Here you have too options-stay back or go on top of the roof in the middle.

Overgrown: At the beginning of the game, whoever can snipe fastest gets the kills. The M40A3, with its great accuracy, can get you 3-0 after ten seconds of playing.

Pipeline: Go up on the roofs, and remember to set claymores up-and the enemy usually can come from different ways.

Strike: The long streets make an M40A3 sniper happy.

In-Depth M40A3 Stats

Thanks to Dariuka for getting this information from the game's files. For descriptions of what each statistic is, click on its title.

General Stats

Information No Attachments With ACOG
Penetration Type large
Impact Type Large Bullets
Inventory Type Primary
Aim Assist Range 600 - 2500 600 - 2000
Crosshair Range 600 600
Zoom Range 15 30


Information For All Attachments
Low Ammo Threshold 0.33 (1 - 2 bullets left)
Ammo Type 7.62 x 51 mm NATO
Maximum Ammo 40
Starting Ammo 20
Clip Size 5


Information No Attachments With ACOG
Base Damage 70 -70 75 - 75 (Not a typo. Check m40a3_acog_mp)
Damage vs Juggernaut 52.5 - 52.5 56.25 - 56.25
Damage with Stopping Power 98 - 98 105 - 105
Headshot Damage (x1.5 Head/Neck) 105 - 105 (x1.1 Torso) 77 - 77 (x1.5 Head/Neck) 112.5 - 112.5 (x1.1 Torso) 82.5 - 82.5
Minimum Damage Range 5000 5000
Maximum Damage Range 4000 4000

Delays and Reloading

Information No Attachments With ACOG
Rate of Fire Time 0.05 0.05
Reload Time 0.43333 (per bullet) 0.43333 (per bullet)
Reload (from empty) Time 0.15 (per bullet) 0.15 (per bullet)
Re-chambering Time 0.866 (bolt time) 0.35 0.866 (bolt time) 0.35


Information No Attachments With ACOG
Minimum Standing Hip Spread 10 10
Maximum Standing Hip Spread 15 15
Minimum Ducking Hip Spread 9.5 9.5
Maximum Ducking Hip Spread 14 14
Minimum Prone Hip Spread 9 9
Maximum Prone Hip Spread 13 13
Spread added per shot 1 1
Spread added for Moving 5 5
Decay Rate 5 5
Ducking Decay Rate 1 1
Prone Decay Rate 1 1


Information No Attachments With ACOG
(Hip) Kick Pitch Minimum 80 80
(Hip) Kick Pitch Maximum 85 85
(Hip) Kick Yaw Minimum|(Hip) Kick Yaw Minimum -35 -35
(Hip) Kick Yaw Maximum 35 35
(Hip) Kick Acceleration 1000 1000
(Hip) Maximum Kick Speed 1200 1200
(Hip) Kick Speed Decay 100 100
(Hip) Kick Static Decay 100 100
(Hip) Kick View Pitch Minimum 80 80
(Hip) Kick View Pitch Maximum 100 100
(Hip) Kick View Yaw Minimum 50 50
(Hip) Kick View Yaw Maximum -55 -55
(Hip) Kick View Center Speed 500 500
(Sights) Kick Pitch Minimum 0 0
(Sights) Kick Pitch Maximum 0 0
(Sights) Kick Yaw Minimum 0 0
(Sights) Kick Yaw Maximum 0 0
(Sights) Kick Acceleration 600 600
(Sights) Maximum Kick Speed 600 600
(Sights) Kick Speed Decay 100 100
(Sights) Kick Static Decay 100 100
(Sights) Kick View Pitch Minimum 10 10
(Sights) Kick View Pitch Maximum 65 65
(Sights) Kick View Yaw Minimum 50 50
(Sights) Kick View Yaw Maximum -55 -55
(Sights) Kick View Center Speed 500 500