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CoD4 Guide to Airstrikes

Guide by OSR - Everything you have ever wanted to know… about airstrikes:

Rabbit’s Guide to Airstrikes

Countless times you have witnessed jets stream across your screen, unloading bombs that send you flying across the map, forcing you to respawn yet again. And when you do respawn with an awful feeling that you have contributed to the enemy’s kill streak, you find that a chopper has been called in… waiting to obliterate your defenseless team. You scurry to find shelter indoors, but to no avail. The chopper catches you, and in a couple shots you are down. You then switch classes, take out your trusty RPG, and fire away at the chopper. But it easily dodges it, and your team ends up losing badly.

And it all started, essentially, with the airstrike. You have called them, seen allies call them, and died from them. Now it is time to learn the secrets of how to call a good airstrike and how to defend against them.

Calling an airstrike
1) Before you even call it, make sure that your team has UAV. Do not drop a random airstrike, this will waste it. Instead, ask your teammates if they have UAV, or wait until they have UAV. Once UAV comes up, you still may want to wait until the enemy is congregated in one spot, and make sure they are not inside.

2) Once you have UAV and see the enemy in one area, go prone. This is vital, for you are defenseless and vulnerable while calling an airstrike. Once you are prone, call the airstrike.

3) Now, a map will come up on your screen (yes, this is obvious I know). When that happens, as I said earlier, pick a spot that is packed with enemies THAT IS OUTSIDE. Don’t call an airstrike on a building. Now, try to anticipate where the enemy will go next. Wait until you see where they are headed, or if they are camping. Then click.

4) Now, you have to run away if you are anywhere near the vicinity. I have died a whole lot of times when I have been no where close to where I called the airstrike, so it is imperative you run away. Better safe than sorry. Also, it looks cooler as you run away as your planes unleash bombs on the enemy. Very cinematic. Then, call your chopper (if you have one now) immediately. Waste no time for this, since the enemy might have a chopper or your teammate may have one, or the game may be over. Just call in your chopper right away.

5) You must be aware of good targets. For example, in the map Showdown, there is no roof over one part of the building. So, if you see an enemy on your radar here, then call the airstrike on that position. Same with Vacant: if you get an airstrike, be aware that there is no roof over certain hallways, and that there is the courtyard in the middle that has no roof as well. These are great areas to call strikes on.

6) If you are in the middle of the action, don’t call your airstrike. It is better to skip your airstrike and get a few more kills than die while calling in an airstrike. If you have died and have not called your airstrike yet, call it. You won’t get a chopper, but at least you can get some more kills, even UAV.

7) If your teammates are calling an airstrike (and there is no friendly fire) rush to the where the airstrike is called. The other team will be worried about avoiding the airstrike, and not focused on you. Kill as many as you can, especially ones that have been weakened, but not killed, by the airstrike. Also, the airstrike provides you with cover, and the element of surprised. Your controller may vibrate a lot and your screen may shake, but the airstrike won’t hurt you.

8) You are surrounded by enemies… but you have just gotten a 5-kill streak. But more enemies are coming… what do you do? Call the airstrike on yourself! This is where the enemies will be heading, so it is perfect. After you have called it on yourself, get the heck away from it. Run as fast as you can away, or jump into a building. Either way, a helicopter should come your way soon.

The Enemy has called an airstrike!
1) Run. Run as fast as you can to the nearest shelter. You will have sufficient time to run away… you get a couple second warning before the airstrike is called. Just look at your compass and listen to the announcer. He will announce that the enemy has called a strike, and that is your cue to run.

2) First of all, you must run somewhere. Therefore, as I said above, building work perfect. But if there is no building within running distance, then just head away from your teammates, in the opposite way they were headed. Most likely the enemy called an airstrike where your teammates where, so if you run away from them you will be fine.

3) Also, when you are inside a building, you are not 100% safe! Remember, make sure the building has a roof, and make sure you are not touching the walls. If your body is touching the wall, a part of your body is probably sticking out through the wall. If an airstrike is called, you are dead. Also, stay away from doorways that lead outside, and windows. The airstrike likes to leak through these and kill you.

4) Your compass shows which way the airplanes will be traveling. If you see the plane on one side of the compass aiming at the other way, now you know which way the bombs will be dropped from. So don’t run parallel to the planes, run perpendicular. This should help you avoid getting killed.

5) Let’s say you were an idiot and the airstrike hit you. But you did not die! It was a miracle, but then you remember there are three waves of the airstrike. What do you do now? This: when you first got hit by the airstrike, a red line should appear on your screen, either to the left, right, bottom, or top. If it was to the left, run to the right. This way, you can avoid getting killed and really piss off the guy who called the airstrike.

6) Tell your team that there is an airstrike coming and tell them to runaway. Many people aren’t paying attention to their radar, so this will help them along. This may seem just a nice thing to do, but it is also selfish. You don’t wont your teammates to die for tons of reasons, namely that you do not want to lose the match. But also, you don’t want them to die because then the enemy will get a chopper, which will kill you.

7) If you seem someone prone and not paying attention, they may be calling in an airstrike, so kill them as fast as you can. It is a free kill, and you will have a huge headstart at knowing when an airstrike will be called, since when they respawn they will call in an airstrike.

8) In addition to providing you the knowledge of which way to run, the airplanes on the compass will also show you which way the bombs will be flying and which rooms are safe. I know I hate when I am inside and an airstrike kills me. But it will only kill you if the opening of the room is where the planes are headed, so find a room that has a wall on the side the enemy is dropping a bomb.

I hope I helped you all out with airstrikes. Remember, airstrikes are the second step in getting a chopper.