Modern Warfare Remastered

CoD4 RPG Guide

RPG Guide by OSR

Name: Rocket Propelled Grenade
Type: Explosive
1) Use RPG’s to jump across walls to take shortcuts through the map. For example, you can hop onto a ledge, fire the RPG at the ground (at a diagonal away from you so you won’t kill yourself), and then jump. This will boost you higher so you can take shortcuts across maps. Remember, if you aim straight down you will die, and if you are not elevated above the ground you will also die.

2) Because the RPG leaves a smoke trail, it is necessary to run away after shooting an RPG at the enemy. If you did not move, they could just follow the smoke trail right to you. So, the best way to use an RPG is to move your shooting spot.

3) Your RPG only comes with 2 rockets, so use them wisely. If you randomly fire from far away, you are just wasting ammo.

4) The RPG is very inaccurate, so it is necessary to be close to your target if you want a good kill. Firing from across the map will do nothing, except draw attention to yourself.

5) Aim at objects that explode. If you see a red barrel full of gas or a car, it will make an excellent target. When you fire your RPG at these, they will explode, improving the blast radius and killing many people at one time.

6) When using your RPG, aim at the feet. The RPG, since it travels slowly, can be dodged. Therefore, if you aim at the feet, they can dodge it, but it will hit the ground and explode.

7) Do not run around with your RPG already out: your RPG is not your primary weapon. If it is, that is stupid. If someone pops up in front of you, you are screwed. If you miss your shot, you are screwed again. Only pull out the RPG when you see a situation that calls for one… like a whole bunch of enemies crowded around a car.

8) The RPG takes a while to reload, so don’t expect to fire two rockets rapidly. After shooting the first one, get down and hide, and then reload. Never run around with an unloaded RPG, even when you have your primary wapon out… this will cause problems.

9) When firing the RPG, always look into the sights. This will make you shoot faster and avoid killing yourself. The first time I used an RPG, I popped out from behind a wall, fired, and went back behind the wall. Since there is a delay when you do not aim into the sights, I killed myself.

10) In Hardcore, do not teamkill with this. It makes the game not fun for other players. I killed my whole team once, but I learned I will never do that again.

11) When taking down moving helicopters with your RPG, remember to ahead of helicopter. This way the helicopter and rocket will collide. Only shoot at the chopper when it is nearby: shooting one that is on the other side of the map won’t work. Try to wait until the helicopter is still to shoot. Remember, if you miss, get out of there. Helicopters target you. If you hit, it most likely will not kill. So instead of firing another rocket, pull out your primary and fire… that should bring it down quick.

So here you have it. How to get good with RPGs. Didn't write very much at all, but it is concise.