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CoD4 Search and Destroy Guide

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Search & Destroy

Not recommended for a novice pertaining to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, "Search & Destroy" is compromised of the highest pedigree of both the player involved and the tactics used in game. It is a match that shows no sympathy to those who lack the ability to innovate and make "on the dime" decisions.

General Information

There are two main objectives in every "Search & Destroy" game, a primary and secondary. The primary would be either planting the bomb and not letting it be defused by the opposing team, or defusing the bomb of which the other team has carefully planted. The secondary objective would be to eliminate all opposing team members. Remember, in "Search & Destroy" there are no respawns …quot; once you are dead there is no coming back.

A: Planting/Defusing the bomb merits 100 points.

B: Killing someone = +50 points.

C: Assisting a kill rewards the individual +25 points.

D: Match points vary accordingly.

As you can see another fact of this game, good or bad to be determined by the player, is that Search & Destroy rewards you primarily on how well you do within said match. It is also a definitive reason as to why it is most often the choice type for league organized matches. It combines both the sense of freedom as well as maintains an objective.


There are numerous typical perks you will see in any given "Search & Destroy" game type. We will be reviewing said perks and briefing a bit of information of each.

3 x Frag: Typically associated with "Random Grenades" (See below), you will see this time and time again. Very helpful if you are a person who is good at telling time, if you will.

Overkill: It may or may not seem like a luxury, however some will no doubt swear by it. In casual settings having one of the three: long, short, or medium ranged weapons is perfectly acceptable. However, many feel that within such extreme conditions it is not.

Claymores: In other situations claymores along with certain ‘Primary Weapons’ would not make sense, however these are quite useful in "Search & Destroy". Most often than not your enemy will be concentrated on the possibility of your presence more than your claymores.

Bomb Squad: Useful for the same reason as Claymores are, Bomb Squad can be ideal for any stealth setup wishing to run rampart throughout the back alleyways during a session.

C4: Ever consider claymore’s a bit too obvious ? If you don’t mind using C4, they’re a wonderful utility to have. Watching someone plant the bomb as you are defending, and hitting the C4 trigger the last second never fails to amuse.

Stopping Power: Of course extra damage is never a bad thing, is it? However, sometimes that is related to lack of utility.

UAV Jammer: Only recommended if you are equipping a silencer with deadly silence, partially due to the fact that being ‘almost stealthy’ isn’t quite stealthy at all.

Deadly Silence: Same principles as UAV Jammer, not quite recommended as a single perk.

Steady Aim: For close quarters combat

Deep Impact: Not the most useful perk for this scenario, however, can be resourceful if an enemy is taking over behind a commonly used wall or barrel etc.

Iron Lungs: Only for snipers.

Extreme Conditioning: Very helpful if you are the type of player who would like to reach a position or counter position before your enemy.


Despite popular belief a majority of the ‘clever’ strategies that are viewed by newcomers are actually more than common, they’re almost required. Sometimes you must see yourself as a piece on the chessboard. Being in a counter-position to your opponent is one more step towards checkmate.

Random Grenade: This is when nearing the start of any selected match yourself, an ally, or opponent hurls a grenade at some ‘random’ location at an ‘approximate’ time. However, as misplaced as this scenario would seem, it is in fact purposely planned. Think of the spawn points on a map for a brief moment, if you could. Now think of two trains heading towards the same direction, and there you have it. If you can acknowledge where point A or B is, determine where your opponent may be at that given time based on where you are, and the route of which they took ,you may just have found yourself an extra kill or two.

Wow that was quick: Ever march over to a position as fast as you could with your opponent already shooting off a bullet towards your face ? They are probably using Extreme Conditioning so always watch out.

Tripping over your own shoes: Sometimes placing claymores in both random and painfully obvious spots are best. It’s the places of which people least expect them.

Higher the better: It is very invaluable to secure the ‘high ground’ near any given bomb target. It will give you a "bird’s eye view" of the situation.


Never attempt to plant / diffuse the bomb if you aren't completely sure no one is around.

You have all the time in the world while attacking, use it to your advantage.

Depending on the map it may be easier to attack or defend, keep that in mind.

You may have to determine in a brief amount of time whether it would be more realistic to
look for your opponent or defuse/plant the bomb. It's a hard decision to say the least.

Never group with more than one person of your team at any given time.

Identify certain areas based on risk. For example, it may be a good idea to throw a flash
or smoke grenade into high risk areas before entering them

Sometimes the most painfully obvious places are the most overlooked.

Prepare for camping - lots of it. This is a match of patience and wits.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Perform everything slowly.

Communication is key and an easy way to lose a round if you fail to coherse with one another.


RDS: Accuracy & Range. This will be your motive. The idea would be to stay as far from your opposing enemy while still remaining an intelligent distance away so as to be able to fire.

Silencer: Invisibility & Speed. Stay quick and stay hidden. The opportunity to nimble from corner to corner at your own will is fantastic, as long as you don't 'trip'.

RPG Attatchment: Ensures at times a quick kill, however if missed will leave you open to counter.

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