Please read this before posting in this forum.

Start up a new Modern Warfare clan or recruit for your clan. Anything about clans can be posted here.
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Please read this before posting in this forum.

Post by Admin » Mon Oct 31, 2016 2:23 am

Here are some rules and notes about posting in this forum.

Tagging your topics

When you post your topic, please include in the topic title one of 3 tags.

[Xbox360] [PS3] or [PC]

That way this forum can be much easier to read and find clans with for your platform.

The following applies to Everyone who posts on to this forum.

Do not intrude in anybody else's clan recruitment thread to troll or advertise your own clan. Only post in their recruitment thread if you are creating a application or if you have questions about the clan. For people who are already part of the clan, do not post anything besides the information about that clan.

Do not post in one another Clan threads (ie. 7TRP, SaS, etc. etc.) Only members of that clan are allowed to post in their thread. If you are not part of the clan but were involved with their recent matches, then you are allowed to post their thread about said matches.

Do not insult, flame, attack, or abuse any member on this site, whether if it is on your thread or others. It will not be tolerated.

Failure of following these rules will be sent warnings. Multiple failures will cause the member to be suspended.

If you witness such behavior in a thread, then report it to a moderator and it will be dealt with accordingly.

Please keep everything civil and we would not have any problems on this forum.

Respect one anothers clans

Simple really, do not intrude on somebody else's clan recruitment thread to simply troll them or advertise your own clan. It's not on and won't be tolerated anymore.

I am ashamed to say it but this especially goes for a number of C4C members.

How to post a successful Clan Thread

The following post will help demonstrate effective ways of creating a popular clan thread. This post is aimed at clans who are ideally looking for more recruits but find that people don't stumble across their clan 's thread. These tips will hopefully help you in not having to needlessly bump your topics just so that a few people can read them.

TIP #1 - Keep your title clear, short and snappy.

Any topic, regardless of being a clan thread or not benefits from having a short and snappy title. However, a title that says too little is useless. Finding that balance is key. 3 Important things to be included in the topic title are helpful to make a successful clan thread.

System/Platform: Vital so that free agents of only that system view the thread
Name of the clan: Name of Clan important to establish that it is the thread of that particular clan
Recruitment Stage: Are you recruiting new members? Important if you want to attract Free Agents

TIP #2 - Use images to attract free agents

A clan that uses images to advertise the clan look more professional and organised. This is a really important thing to exercise when recruiting for a clan. A clan banner with the title of the clan in clear, yet imaginative font is a successful image for recruitment. Below is a great example...


This image is a good example of a clan banner. It has the name of the clan (7TRP) on their in a clear yet imaginative font (ie. not Arial) and there is even an indication from the picture behind that this clan plays Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
TIP #3 - Once you get members, use them as advertising help.

Once you have some clan members (on a forum this is) it is useful if they advertise the clan either by incorporating the name of the clan in their signatures (Example below) and/or telling them to post any clan news or information in the recruitment thread. This defeats the purpose of bumping your own thread as your clan members are essentially doing it for you. You can have a clan discussion with them whilst still attracting Free Agents to join your clan.
If you have any questions, please check out the Help Forum

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