Modern Warfare Remastered

Guide to Close Encounters Part 2

Class Three

Primary: P90 *shudders*, any attachment. Not ACOG.
Secondary:  Desert Eagle, RDS.
Spec'nade: Stun

Perk 1: Bandolier/ whatever
Perk 2: Stopping power/ double tap
Perk 3: Steady aim

You can just spray. And spray. And spray. 50 round clip  means you don't have to worry about reloading in a fight.
Quickly kills enemies, with its high RoF. Pops several caps into your enemies' asses.

Very easy to use.

Might get people who think the P90 is noobish to hate on you.
(IMO) Inferior to the MP5.
Seems too easy to use.
Not very good for medium range, I find the first class better for it.

This can be used mainly in the same way as the first class that I described, but this is more spray-friendly. Just aim on the enemy and it should down them, but if your opponent is better than average, you need to be trying your hardest to keep your crosshairs on him.

Class Four

Primary: AK-74u, naked
Secondary: Desert Eagle
Spec 'nade: Stun

Perk 1: Bandolier
Perk 2: Stopping Power/ Double Tap
Perk 3: Steady Aim

Very good gun. It can quickly kill anyone with a few well placed shots.
Does well at medium range as well as close.
Good iron sites, doesn't need attachments to do well.

Recoil takes getting used to, but when you are used to it, it becomes easy to control.
Attachments other than ACOG will mess up this gun's hip-fire accuracy.
Gets through ammo very fast.

Make sure to only fire when you can see the enemy. As in, if you're shooting at him, and he goes behind a wall, don't walk round the wall shooting him. Walk round, and then shoot (or just knife) him. Otherwise you'll find yourself running out of ammo very quickly. Remember it only takes 2-3 bullets to kill someone.
Remember to reload after every kill. Or whenever it's safe (don't start reloading when there's an enemy coming at you  ). Because this gun has 'spraying issues'.

Tactics/ Tips.

These tactics will take getting used to. But when you do master them, you'll be unstoppable.

1. Moving. This one seems obvious, but if you forget it then you're basically giving 10 points to the enemy. Strafe left and right, but make sure you keep your crosshairs on the enemy.  Just be unpredictable.

2. Prone, crouching. This one is an absolute winner once you master it. It's usually best for medium ranges, or when they see you first. The way I do it is, I have my button layout on tactical, so crouch/prone is R3 and knife is circle. Then, when you've got your enemy in your sights, hold R1 and R3 together, making sure you keep your sights on the enemy. Once you get used to doing this you will develop your own tactics with this trick, but its absolutely ultimate when you're used to using it. Usually you're enemy is left shooting at the air  

3. When hip-firing. Now, it is usually said that hip firing is better because you don't need to take the second before commencing fire to zoom down your sights. And this is true. But you don't need to keep hip firing once you've started. Let me explain; you're hip-firing your enemy, that's good, but if you zoom in while you're hip firing, you gun begins shooting ownage instead of bullets. Note: ownage supplies limited depending on stock. Terms and conditions apply. This should only be used on stationary targets, though, really.

5. I see this a lot: two people walk through a doorway into each other, and both begin firing wildly at one another. Don't. Keep your cool. Whilst he's firing wildly in your direction, use some of the techniques described above, but quickly move in and knife the bugger . It's hard to remember to do, but try, and you'll be a much better player for it. Although your enemy may kill you if you're not quick enough, so you need your reactions.

6. Don't fight fights that you know you've no chance of winning. I.E, if there's 3 people coming at you with AK-74us, don't try killing them all with your MP5. Sure, they might suck, but unless you know that for sure then don't bother. Just run, if you can. Usually you'll be dead before you even get chance, but, if you're not then just run away. Throw a stun if you would like (make sure you don't stun yourself  ) and approach it from a different angle. Like throw a stun, run out of the building, back in through a doorway behind them and then kill them. Just know when you can't win.

7. You have more than one gun. You have your pistol aswell as you primary. Don't reload if you run out of ammo and there's an enemy there, switch to your pistol!!. Remember I put a Deagle on most classes. This kills in 2-3 hits just as well as your primary. Don't forget it.

8. Some CQ knifing tips...

Well, first thing you need to know about knifing is how the stab and slash styles of knifing happen. You don't really have any control over them to be honest. The stab type of knifing occurs when you're further from your target. It takes considerably longer than the slash, but can be more useful. It forces you to "slide" toward your victim (on the enemy's screen, you will look as if you're sliding ), and stab them (or, the air behind them...) in wherever you're looking. This kind of knife can be the cause of the infamous knife-to-the-ass style of death. The second kind of knife is the slash, which is much quicker and more... fluent. You do this type when you're very close to your subject, usually when you either come up behind them and knife them, or when you both step around a corner at the same time and knife just from pure fear. There are also times when you'll circle each other, kind of like spinning tops in a bowl, both trying to knife each other, 'cause you've both run out of ammo. There are ways in which to utilize your knife to give you an advantage over others. I'll put up a few scenarios, with solutions for you to sink your knife into.

A common situation is when you see someone stood still, who doesn't know you're there. They don't have to be facing the other way or anything, just for you to see them before they see you. In this situation, just sprint toward them and lunge your knife when you think you're close enough. Usually they won't have time to react until you plunge you deep, throbbing... knife, into their abdomen or spine.

Another common situation is the out-of-ammo-try-to-kill-people-before-you-die type of fiasco. Like, when you need to reload, and someone sees you and starts shooting before you finish reloading, so you have to kill before you're killed. Usually, you just die, but if the other person's skill is kind of, average or below, you'll be able to skank your way out of it. You could just hide behind cover and reload, but it's much more satisfying (and usually safer) to go for the knife. What you want to do is weave your way to the enemy, hiding behind cover when you can. Basically just run from one piece of cover to the next to close in on your enemy. Until you finally reach them, and then just use the previous technique to rain havoc on their internal organs, and sometimes their skull. You can jump and dive when doing this technique, but it hardly helps, and makes you look like either a fish or a fool, so.. yeah.

This knifing bit isn't finished yet. Facebook Poker app is calling me. And I've got exams all week.

Quote from: Manifest Million on Oct 20, 2008, 03:34 PM - The counter-initiative. Basically it means forcing the enemy to engage when you are at the advantage, especially when they think they (still) have it. For example, if you know someone is about to go through a door at you, it's best to strafe the door just as they come upon it; they shouldn't know exactly where you are, but you know where they are, and you can spray them down with hip-fire while circling. It's extremely effective, according to my experience, I don't think there's a reasonable way to counter it.

The End.